Tech This Out · September 21, 2018

Weekly Update – September 21, 2018


Each week, we’ll send an update with major projects, changes made, and general tips you may have missed when they were sent out the first time. You can count on this message coming to your inbox every Friday afternoon.

Hangouts Disabled

In response to teachers’ concerns, we’ve disabled Google Hangouts on student iPads. Most of the responses we got saw the benefit of having it enabled, but we didn’t do enough preparation to make sure it was used well by students. We’ll revisit enabling Hangouts again in the future.

iPad App Requests

Tech Services is in the process of updating Smart Groups for all users in the district. Essentially, this will allow teachers to request specific apps or books for their classes rather than putting all apps into the Self Service kiosk. This will help students because apps will be delivered automatically.

This process takes time. We have roughly 14,000 users that need to be categorized. Once this is completed, you’ll receive updated instructions on how to request apps and/or books for your students.

Brian’s Calendar

Brian is moving around a lot more in buildings than before. To help you, his calendar is now public. His building days are listed at the top and if there are no events in a given time, you can find him at his home base (usually the library). Remember, you can always send him an email when he’s in your building rather than walk down to find an empty table.