Tech This Out · December 7, 2018

Weekly Update – December 7, 2018

Hey there. It’s a smaller update this week, but we have a Canvas/PowerSchool clarifier, help on setting up your final, and a reminder about where to find the control center in iOS 12.

PowerSchool & Canvas Clarification

This morning, you should have received a separate email with clarifications on using PowerSchool and Canvas in conjunction with one another. In short, PowerSchool is the official gradebook.. Make sure it is accurate.
Please read the email carefully as it clarifies the expectations for Canvas and PowerSchool and provides options on how to use the Canvas gradebook. We’ve also posted the email here for quick reference.

Setting up Your Finals

Several of you want to put your finals in Canvas, which is totally fine. You need to make sure that you have your assignment set up to sync correctly.

  • Make sure the assignment is in a synced category. Even if you’re weighting, put the assignment in a synced category and sync it to PowerSchool.
  • The due date must be 12/20 or 12/21. Regardless of when you give your exam, the due date has to be one of those two days to go into the Finals term in Powerschool.

Once your assignment is synced, go into Powerschool and make any category or assignment weight adjustments. You should also disable the sync for the final after it posts to prevent any change in the settings with a future sync.

Next semester, we will update your gradebook setup instructions to make this process smoother for second semester. Remember, you do not have to sync your final – you can administer the test on Canvas and manually enter grades in PowerSchool to avoid potential snags. It is your responsibility to make sure the PowerSchool grade is accurate.

One last thing: Where’s the Control Center?

If you updated to iOS 12, the Control Center has moved. It’s a swipe from the top right, not the bottom of the screen any more for screen mirroring, wifi settings, etc. For more iOS 12 notes, check out our blog post from last week’s update.