Updates · January 25, 2019

Brand New: PD On Air

Our goal is to support teachers with high-value, high-impact PD. Two years ago, we held frequent workshops to get teachers and staff up to speed on Google and Canvas. As the skill gap closed, our attendance dropped and we moved away from centralized, in-person lessons. Then, we introduced four-week, scheduled workshops to build on those skills. Again, as the gaps closed, interest in those workshops declined, so we moved away from that model.

We’re embedded in buildings now and while that support helps in the moment, we still want to offer broad instructional and technical help to teachers. We’re going to try something new over the next several weeks: hybrid PD with Instructional Tech.

What does that even mean?

Getting to a centralized location is difficult. So, we’re not going to try to do that. Instead, the Instructional Tech coaches will offer in-person PD in whatever building they’re working in that day and livestream the workshop on the Elkhart Instructional Tech YouTube channel so you can participate from anywhere. These sessions will be archived YouTube so you can go back and watch it when you have time later.

How will it work?

You can register for these hybrid sessions on the Elkhart PD website. Once you’re registered, you can use the direct link to the YouTube channel in your courses list so you can just go right to the stream. The details of the session will include what tech to have nearby so you can participate.

The live stream also has a chat. Since you can’t speak directly with the presenter, you can type your questions into the chat and one of the team members will answer either live in the video or back to you through the chat.

I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

Registration is on the Elkhart PD website. We’re going to have our first session on Tuesday, February 12th at 3PM. Head over there to sign up today!

The featured photo is from Jason Rosewell on Unsplash, modified by Brian Bennett.