Apps and Tools / Seesaw · April 2, 2020

Organize Seesaw Activities and Student Responses into Folders

There are a couple of different ways you can organize your classes in Seesaw. One is by utilizing the unique classes already created through your PowerSchool accounts like Math and Reading. The other way is to use folders inside of one class or you can use of combination of the two.

Once inside a class, Seesaw allows you to create folders for student work and activities. This is helpful for grouping student tutorials, anchor charts, or larger topic based materials. Teacher and student work can also be sorted into leveled activities for students based on reading or math level, English proficiency, or for interest. Think Google Drive Folders meets Seesaw activities. One important thing to note is that you cannot nest folders. You are limited to one level of folder organization so don’t go crazy with topics.

In this post, we’ll show you how to set up folders and share an activity to a folder so student responses are filed correctly when they submit.

Create your folders

You can set up folders before you start by opening your class and tapping the folder icon next to the Class Journal title on the right side of the screen. Tap on Manage Folders and then tap on +New Folder at the bottom of the screen. Give your folder a title and set the color.

Create a new folder in your Seesaw class.

Add an Activity to the Folder

Now that you have at least one folder created, you can send an activity and have student responses filed directly to that location. Start by tapping Add and then select Assign Activity like you normally would. Browse the library to find the Activity you want (or create a new one) and then tap on Assign. Select the class and then tap on Edit Students, Folders, Skills.

Set the folder by tapping Edit Students, Folders, Skills.

Move to the Folders tab and select the Folder you want the Activity to submit under (Note: You will not see a student’s activity in this folder until after they submit it). Activities can be filed in multiple locations! When you’re done, tap on the green checkmark and then tap Assign to send it to the class.

Select the folder in the list or create a new one here.

Student Responses

Students will see the Activity assigned just like normal in their activity tab. They will also see that the Activity will be placed in a specific folder at the bottom of the activity near the comment and like section. At this point, you won’t see anything in the folder if you open it. As student work is approved, their responses will be filed into the folder you chose when setting up the Activity. Students will also be able to go into each folder to see the work they submit.

As a teacher you can change your class settings to allow students to be able to move items into folders on their own if you go to the “Show add to folder step” found in the wrench in the upper right hand corner of your class.

Watch the Video

This is a lot to absorb, so we’ve created a video on how to do all of this from the teacher and student view. Take a look below.

Have more questions or other ideas about how to use folders? Leave us a comment!