Events · January 19, 2021

Let’s talk March 3rd: ECS Institute Day

What is Institute Day?

All elementary and middle school teachers get a full day of tailored PD. This is a fully-virtual conference with sessions to choose from throughout the day. Topics will range from productivity tips in Seesaw and Canvas to engaging all students with accessible and meaningful activities in school and at home. 

What can you expect to learn?

There will be learning opportunities in the tracks of:

  • Instructional Technology: Tips, tricks, and suggestions on using technology to engage students in learning.
  • Exceptional Learners: In bowling, it’s the 7-10 split. Meeting the needs of both ends of the curve can be tough, learn how to throw a strike every time. 
  • English Language Learners: Topics related to effectively teach and support ENL students.
  • MTSS: Information and discussions on how MTSS plays a role in instruction.
  • Social Emotional Learning: Information and discussion about student emotional learning.

What about my students?

March 3rd will be an eLearning day for ALL students. Time will be built into your schedule to be able to check in with your students throughout the day.

How can you help?

Submit a Proposal

We’re accepting proposals for sessions from all ECS teachers for this event. If you have something you are itching to share but need a platform, this is your moment. In addition to acclamation and admiration from your peers, presenters will receive 2 stipend hours ($48) for your work in preparing and leading. More details are on the session proposal page. Proposals are due February 3rd, so don’t save it for later.

Submit an Idea

If presenting isn’t your cup of tea, we still want to hear from you. Are there topics you’re interested in? Curiosities you need to explore? Tips you’re dying to hear? Leave some ideas on this board (and add a +1 to others) so we can make sure to get that information ready.

This is your chance to let us know how you are struggling, and how we can help!