Apps and Tools / Updates · February 1, 2021

February Resource Pack

Each month, the Technology Ambassadors work hard to create resources, materials, and other tools to help you with planning, brainstorming, or getting quick tips. To make them easy to find, we’ll publish the collection here on the blog as well as send an email digest.

Blog Posts

The blog was busy this month with posts on chunking instruction, attendance tips in Seesaw, and using EdPuzzle with students, among others.

Tips From Teachers: Taking Attendance
Attendance: Something that once seemed so easy with face-to-face learning, has become a daunting task for teachers in virtual settings. Check out our blog post feature tips from teachers on fast and effective methods for taking attendance in your virtual or hybrid classroom.

Using Video as a Chunking Tool on Seesaw
Featuring three teacher highlights on how they chunk learning for their students, come read more about this best practice on how to intentionally pace instruction to students – one step at a time. Utilize this method as a tier one modification to ensure learning is accessible to ALL your learners

Using EdPuzzle in Your Classes
Another great way to ensure learning is both accessible and engaging for students is to use EdPuzzle. EdPuzzle allows you to find or upload videos and create stopping spots for students to stop, think, and respond, before moving on with the rest of the video. This ed tech tool allows for great learning opportunities for students, and easily embeds into your Canvas course.

Black History Month Resources
February is Black History Month and we’ve compiled templates, books, articles, videos, and other resources to help you engage with students on race in America.

YouTube videos

We post regularly to YouTube. If you’re not subscribed, click here to do that now so you don’t miss new updates.

Flippity + Google Sheets = Easy Interactives! is a website which allows you to create interactive tools to use with students all from a Google Sheet. You set up your data in the sheet and then Flippity converts that into an interactive resource you can send to students. This video gives an overview of how to set up and create your first Flippity exercise for your students.

Duplicate a Calendar Template in Canvas
If you’re using a calendar template (a fancy table) on a Canvas page, you can make copies for new month layouts using copy/paste. This quick two-minute video shows that the trick is in how much you select on the page.

Helpdesk articles

Remember to check out the Helpdesk if you ever need assistance with a “how-to”. This is also where you can submit your tech tickets. To do so, make sure to log in at the top, and select “Submit a ticket”.

Making Google Meet Accessible with Live Captions
Visit this helpdesk article if you’re interested in learning how to have students turn on live captions during your Google Meet.

YouTube Channel Controls Cheat Sheet
Everyone in Elkhart has a YouTube account/channel linked to their Elkhart Gmail. Visit this helpdesk article to see an overview of controls and icons you’ll use while you’re managing your channel.

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