Accessibility / How To / Seesaw · March 29, 2021

Making Learning Accessible on Seesaw: Attaching Voice to ALL Objects

In its most recent update, Seesaw has provided users more functionality with its voice and audio features.  These updates provide a more robust learning experience by offering more flexibility with voice instruction on the Seesaw creative canvas.  By adding these features to its platform, Seesaw has made it easier for teachers to create activities and assignments that are more accessible to more students, thereby increasing student engagement and success.  

Object voice support can help students in the following ways:

  • Provide voice support for specific text boxes and other objects on the creative canvas
  • Present multi-tiered instructions for different parts of an activity
  • Offer students the option to add oral responses to specific questions on a page
  • Upload existing sound files to text boxes and other objects

Getting started in three easy clicks

The new object voice feature is accessible in three easy clicks.  

  1. To get started, create or access a text box or other object on a creative canvas page.  
  2. Once the object has been created and edited, click on the “three dot” options circle.  You will immediately see the new “Voice” option in the edit menu.  
  3. After clicking on the “Voice” option, select “Record Voice” to record your voice for the specific object <OR> select “Upload Audio” to upload a previously recorded audio.

Using voice features in practice

The following three short videos show examples of the new functionality of the object voice recordings in the new Seesaw updates.

  1. Recording individual voice messages to multiple text boxes (2:15)
  2. Attaching a previously recorded audio file to a text box or object (2:03)
  3. Recording a student response to an activity question (1:50)

Wrap it up

With these new features, Seesaw continues to update its platform to improve functionality for teachers and students.  While seemingly simple updates, they provide more accessibility options for students. 

Additional Resource

Eric from Teachers Talking Tech provides additional information about the newest Seesaw updates as summarized above.  Check it out!  

Are you using the new voice features in Seesaw? Let us know how in the comments below!