Updates · April 14, 2021

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April Resource Pack

Each month, the Technology Ambassadors work hard to create resources, materials, and other tools to help you with planning, brainstorming, or getting quick tips. To make them easy to find, we’ll publish the collection here on the blog as well as send an email digest.

Don’t forget to check the PD signup page for upcoming workshops. There are new topics added regularly and we’ll continue to send weekly updates about what’s available to participate in. We archive nearly all PD on the Professional Development page. If you can’t make a Meet, head over there to see what’s available for on-demand PD.

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Blog Posts

Seesaw Series: Adding Variety to Instruction
Interested in how teachers use Seesaw to add variety in their assignments? Here are three step-by-step tutorials on how create your own Seesaw sorting activities, scratch away activities, and spotlight search and find activities.
Create Seesaw Sorting Activities
Scratch Away Activities on Seesaw
Spotlight Search and Find Activities (available April 15, subscribe for updates!)

Making Learning Accessible to ALL students: Adding voice to objects
Check out this newly released feature in Seesaw on adding voice to objects. This helps learning be accessible to ALL our students by providing voice support for specific text boxes and other objects on the creative canvas, presenting multi-tiered instructions for different parts of an activity, offering students the option to add oral responses to specific questions on a page, and even uploading existing sound files to text boxes and other objects.

Using Rubrics in Quizzes on Canvas
Rubrics give you a chance to check student understanding of specific skills or content. Adding rubrics to quizzes is a little different than a normal assignment. This post breaks down how to add rubrics to Classic and New Quizzes in your courses.

Enable Live Captions in Chrome
Accessibility has been a main theme this year in our resources and Chrome has added a great new tool to expand usability on websites with the addition of live captions. Come read about why this matters and how to enable them!

Helpdesk articles

Remember to check out the Helpdesk if you ever need assistance with a “how-to”. This is also where you can submit your tech tickets. To do so, make sure to log in at the top, and select “Submit a ticket”.

YouTube videos

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National School Library Month

This month, we celebrate our school librarians. We put together short videos that are now available to watch on our YouTube channel. We also have resources posted on the blog to celebrate reading with your students.

Seesaw Mini-Series: Blah to Tada!
Creating Seesaw Scratch Away Activities
Seesaw Choice Boards
Creating Seesaw Sorting Activities

Seesaw Folders

Quick Tip: Work with Google Apps Offline
Google allows you to make Docs, Sheets, and Slides available for editing offline. You’ll get a version of the resource on your iPad that will sync any changes you make back to the live version when you reconnect. This is a great way for students with intermittent access to be able to continue to work on assignments even when they’re not connected.

Becoming a Master of Google Slides
→ Do you ever want to give students a premade template in google slides while still allowing them to add to the template with the same presentation style?
→ Do you ever share work with students within Google Slides, but are frustrated as students move and manipulate items that they don’t need to change?
→ Have you ever decided, after creating many, many slides, that you want to change the font and the background but dread scrolling back through to change all the things?
Come follow along as Holly works through how to use and customize the Master and Layout slides in google slides to give you more control of student work.

Reassign Work to Students in Canvas
Canvas has a new option to reassign work to students after leaving them feedback. This means you can put something back on their to-do list without making another assignment or giving them an alternative due date. Paired with rubrics and targeted feedback, this is a powerful way to push learning through revision rather than focusing on completion. In this video, Brian walks through how to use this new option as well as a bonus tip on how to check links in your course with the click of a button.