Apps and Tools / Instruction · May 6, 2021

Creativity in the Classroom – Embracing Photo

Friends, we’re in the final countdown to summer. Which means at this point, we’re all just trying to make it. Needs some fun ideas for keeping students engaged in your class? Consider adding some creative opportunities to your classroom activities! Using Apple’s Everyone Can Create curriculum, find ways to add in photo, video, drawing, even music to your class. Below we will highlight some of the fun photo activities that YOU could use and adapt to fit the needs of your students in order to include some creativity into your classroom!

Everyone Can Create: Photo

Accessed through your iPad on iBooks, the Everyone Can Create: Photo book is top notch, chalked full of ready-for-student activities. Below, you can see two projects and one step-by-step activity for your students.

Everyone Can Create: Photo Book

This book is written with students in mind, teaching photography skills with student friendly language that kids can understand.

Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide

We don’t imagine every classroom teacher has skill to be a true photography teacher, however, the Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide includes different ways that you can integrate the skills taught in the Everyone Can Create: Photo book into your classroom! Below, you can see three pages from the Teacher Guide. For each section, it provides the same project as the student book for reference, along with different ways you can integrate those skills into your classroom.

Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide

Seesaw Activities

Below are three examples of how you can integrate these ideas right into Seesaw! Feel free to use, modify, and share!

Earth Day activity modified from Chapter 3, Activity 1.

Creative Writing: Inanimate Objects Coming Alive: modified from the Chapter 1 Project.

Up Close Science: Integration idea from Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide, page 54.

Teacher Highlight: Mrs. Mecher

Two years back, I was devoted to embedding creativity into my classroom. Simply by using the Everyone Can Create: Photo book, along with the Teacher Guide, I brought photography into our classroom – one activity at a time. I wasn’t sure if I had the skills to teach my students, but I wanted to give my students the chance to do photography. We didn’t have an art teacher, let along a photography teacher, so I was their best bet.

My students blew me away. Their attention had never been greater, their spirits had never been higher. Many students that didn’t always feel like they had an academic strength, found their strength in photography. Each day we would come into the classroom, and without question, someone would ask me if we were doing photography that day. So the answer was always yes. I made it a part of everything we did. We took field trips to surrounding areas, photographed the images for our class-created books, and decorated our school with art. We sold our photography in a school-wide art show.

We used photography to look at the world differently.

Above are just a few of the beautiful images my 5th grade students produced.

How are YOU embedding creativity into the classroom? Let us know in the comments below!