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Formative vs Summative

“If you don’t use the results of the common formative assessment to make a difference in student learning, the assessment is summative” (Bailey and Jakicic).

The quote from above is one of the best descriptions for both formative and summative assessments. We are all familiar with the classic definitions but the Reason & Why are more important than the characterization.

👀 Look at a few examples below and maybe you’ll find something new to try!

Bellwork & Exit Slips | Formative Assessment

Bellwork shouldn’t only be used to get students in their seats and start working. answers provide data that influences your instruction. That’s where technology comes in, google forms will: self check, collect data, and organize results in an effective way. You could also use …

⭐️ 💻 Google Forms

⭐️ 💻 Go Formative

Tech Tip: You can also use this time for students to work on their recommendations from IXL which appear after they finish their Diagnostic. Just have students filter in their app to only give practice from their Diagnostic instead of assigned skills. 

Pear deck | Formative Assessment

We say this over and over, it is so easy to add a pear deck to any google slide you already have! Even if you’re teaching with a worksheet,

🍐Have your students log in with a blank pear deck so they can ask questions while they work.

🍐 Create a blank peardeck where you can write “In the moment” questions on your whiteboard. Now you can use the awesome features that peardeck has without any prep.

🍐 Add the peardeck to any of your slides so students can ask questions on every slide you have.

Tech Tip: There are awesome Peardecks already created, Check it out here ✨ Content Orchard ✨

Think Aloud | Formative & Summative Assessments

Formative Assessments provides opportunities for students to show what they know so you can make learning more impactful. Instead of having students raise their hand or do a practice problem at their seat, use some of the tech tools below to have students talk about their learning. 

Have students solve a problem and record their work on the iPad. ✨ I created a poster that you can print out and hang up on your walls so students can see how to screen record and turn on the microphone. ✨

⭐️ Link to Poster

⭐️ Explain Everything

Portfolio    |   Summative Assessment

If you are actively grading the standards based on evidence throughout the unit, a portfolio could be used to include the past assessments & give students more choices on other ways to “prove” what they know. This also helps students take ownership of their learning.

⭐️ Have the student show their learning then let them pick an activity to summarize their knowledge.  

⭐️ You can have students either create a google site, google slide, or a screen recording going over the assignments they turned in.

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Bailey, Kim, and Chris Jakicic. Common Formative Assessment: A Toolkit for Professional Learning Communities at Work. Hawker Brownlow, 2012.