Leadership / Updates · November 18, 2022

New Podcast, Updates, and More!

We have been working hard pushing out content that is accessible, quick, and meaningful. We hope you enjoy the various methods we are using to get information out to you as we know Time is sacred!

✨New✨ Podcast

Don’t have time to watch something? Need something quick? Want to listen to EdTech tips and hacks while you set your room up for the morning? Listen to our Podcast 👇🎙️

Our latest episode is on our favorite IXL features and is only 7 minutes! We will be pushing new episodes out every other Friday. Be sure to subscribe and give us a rating!

Click Here to Listen to our Podcast

PD Page Resource List

Ever wonder what apps, websites, and programs Elkhart pays for? 🤔 We have finally compiled these resources as well as other free / limited restriction resources you have access to. The picture provides a brief explanation as well as hashtags that explain a little of what the resource offers. We are also working on linking our resources under the images so you can get to helpful 📝 guides and 🎥 videos right there!

Content Specialist Information

Don’t know who your Content Specialists are? 🤷‍♀️ We have a new page on the PD site where you can see their contact information, paragraph about them, and more information coming soon!

PD Page Menu Updates

Wonder what is on the PD page ✨ 📢 Click the Megaphone extension for a link to the PD page! ✨

We have also organized the menu on or PD page. If you watch the Gif below you can see the pages and resources we have on the PD site. Be sure to check out our PD page for updates, self-paced courses, important information, and more!