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January Tech Treasures free templates, engaging resources, and january themed

January Tech Treasures

I have curated some fun and engaging activities that you can do with your students in this cold and dreary month. Also If you haven’t heard we have started a podcast! 🎀 Find the link below! πŸ‘‡

January 1st
International Mind-Body Wellness Day

Wellness Wakalet with Resources

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Even though we missed January 1st, since we are all relaxing in our warm homes, there are a lot of awesome activities you can do during brain breaks or transitions. Check out the wakalet above!

January 13th
Rubber Ducky Day πŸ₯

Rubber Ducky Math Challenge Slide

How to Draw a Rubber Ducky

January 17th
Martin Luther King day

Martin Luther King Jr. Blog Post

Martin Luther King Jr Video for Kids

MLK Choice Board Slides

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January 20th
National Penguin Day

Discovery Education Penguin Board Penguin Videos, Activities, and Images.πŸ’» πŸ‘‰ Click Here

How to Draw a Realistic Penguin

Missing Penguins Challenge Slide

A reading Inference Mystery. This is a great interactive google slide activity that can help students work collaboratively in groups. You can also use this for any early finishers!

Newsela Penguin Article 🐧
Did you know you can change the lexile level on newsela articles? You can also change the language!
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January 22nd
Lunar New Year πŸ‡

National Geographic article
Which Lunar New Year Animal are You?
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Lunar New Year Activities Slides

Informative Lunar New Year Website

Let Students discover this holiday and the cultural importance it holds.
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January 28th
National Lego Day

Lego Choice Board Slide Activity

Building a LEGO Team Slides

A hyperdoc to build inclusion and embrace cognitive diversity in your classroom with a team.

Visit the LEGO Factory
Use this website and discover where legos are made!
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