5 Easy Steps to Clean Up Your Gmail

Many people leave emails in their inbox, sometimes totaling 15,000 or more! This creates clutter and makes it hard to find important messages. Using labels to organize emails and archiving those that aren’t needed immediately can transform your inbox into an organized, efficient workspace, making you a true Gmail pro!

Googlfy You PLC Process

PLC productivity and organization is crucial to help save time, energy, and simply make things easier. Below are 5 google apps that can help improve your PLC process. Google Keep Keeping files and thoughts organized and digital is essential for PLC. Google keep doesn’t just store notes. You can add reminders, collaborators, and store links all in one place. For PLC, google keep is helpful with Keeping track of notes about your PLC goals Copying and pasting links to your documents Linking emails to google keeps to stay organized (Read more below)  Adding labels to your google keep so you...

Gmail Templates

Gmail template is a great tool to send emails you continually type up faster and more efficient. Below is a quick video on how to set up templates and utilize this function in gmail. How to Save a New Template How to Use a Template How to Fix a Template or Re-Write an Already Made Template I made a few gmail header designs. If you want to use them just click here and download them to your desktop! Canva I use canva to make my own gmail headers. All you do is sign into canva with your Elkhart gmail and...