Safe and Flexible Schoolwide Messaging with Seesaw

Seesaw has updated their messaging! You can now add more than one person to a message, including students, other teachers in your building, and parents. Read on to learn more!

Stop Sending Short Emails, Use Hangouts Instead

The featured image is a flickr photo by Joe The Goat Farmer shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license. Email. That word alone may make you break out into a cold sweat for one of two reasons: A) you’re always aware of it, or B) you’re behind on it. Some studies are showing that email is one of the highest producers of anxiety in the workplace, and it has been since the early 2000’s. So, how do we curb our email? This year, Elkhart teachers and students have access to Google Hangouts. It’s a video and text chat service linked...