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February is Digital Learning Month

Did you know that February is Digital Learning Month? We have some fun choice boards with helpful links and resources for you to use to help you become a Digital Learning Superstar! ⭐️✨ 🍎 Elkhart Teachers: Choose 5 of the options and send us your pictures to be entered into our giveaway! Just click on the image and it will open in a new tab so you can use the links. 👇🔗 Elementary Teachers Secondary Teachers Elementary Administrators Secondary Administrators

Digital Interactive Notebooks

Digital interactive notebooks are a fun, new way to help keep students engaged and organized digitally.   What are Digital Interactive Notebooks? Originally, interactive notebooks were spiral or composition notebooks that students used to enhance class notes.  Notes were taken on the right side of the notebook, and on the left, students would color, glue, add their own take on the notes.  Eventually, other papers, foldables, vocabulary lists, etc., would be glued into the notebook. Especially now, it is extremely helpful to re-create this tool into a digital format.  Digital notebooks can be created in Google Slides.   What are the Benefits?...

Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship

We cannot separate teachers “with computers” and “regular teachers” anymore. Digital Citizenship is essential for our students as they learn to navigate a world permeated by the Internet. They’re going to learn skills to navigate the web somewhere, so what better place than in schools? If you’re a K-8 teachers, this is now part of your Indiana curriculum. Teachers at the high school level, you’re not off the hook – carry these principles forward as you work with students on the web. Be explicit in expectations and explanations about what appropriate behavior looks like on and offline. EdSurge is a...