apple classroom

Wait, you mean you’re not using these ✨amazing✨ iPad features yet?

The iPad has some awesome features you may didn’t know even existed! Annotating within safari reader, powerful accessibility features, Apple Classroom hidden features, the split screen superpower, and upgrading your home screen with widgets.

Upleveling Kahoot and Other Formative Assessment Tools with Apple Classroom

Most of us have heard of or have used digital formative assessments like Kahoot. They are great ways to collect information on what your students know about a given topic. By combining Apple Classroom with a formative tool like Kahoot, I have been able to gain more detailed data on my students performance in real time. Seeing students screens gives me a heads up on who is struggling to login or get into an app as well as who is beginning to fall behind or disengage. Most formative assessment games will generate data reports to view once the game is over or...