Using Student Assessment Profiles in Your PLC

In this post, we want to take a look at how a student’s “assessment profile” can inform your discussions and decision making as a group. What is an assessment profile? In short, the assessment profile is the layers of assessment data available for your students and the information carried in each layer. Our assessments give insight into student learning at different levels. It is necessary to use each tool appropriately when making decisions about extensions or remediations for your student groups. The assessment data collected is a part of the data your team can use to make instructional decisions. Remember...

Discussion Prompts: Get Students Talking

Speaking helps us reinforce our thoughts. If we can communicate what we’re thinking, we open up possibilities to challenge our schema and solidify ideas.

The Fishbowl – A Discussion Within a Discussion

Running a discussion when students have access to technology can be a challenge because many teachers feel they have to control what happens in both spaces. Using tech, you can actually have students hold two discussions – one out loud in the room and one in the chat space. Google Hangouts is open and available to Elkhart staff and students. If you’ve not used it before, check out our overview post. The concept is simple – two groups of people discussing the same thing in different media. One group of students is in the “fishbowl” having a discussion verbally. You...