Updates · August 29, 2016

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The New Elkhart EdTech Blog

After a couple months of writing, we decided the Elkhart EdTech blog was a little…limited. The platform wasn’t working and it turned into a project for Wes, Kat, and me to manage. Rather than limit the blog to our collective brains, we’ve decided to open up the EET blog with a new look and a new purpose.

In the true spirit of picking the tool that’s best for the purpose, we’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress. It’s infinitely more flexible and allows us to do some really cool things as we work to highlight the great stuff happening in Elkhart Community Schools.

Because of the platform shift, we’re now able to more easily incorporate writing from anyone. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Do you want to be a regular contributor? We’ll hook you up with an Author account and you can post to the site directly. Your posts will still be moderated and subject to editorial comments, but it’s the most direct route for sharing. Email Brian for more information.
  • Write up a one-off post. Send us (Brian, Kat, or Wes) a Google Doc and we’ll get it turned into a blog post. We’ll list you as the author and link to whatever resources you’d like shared.
  • Request a post with more information on something. There’s so much happening that it’s hard to stay on top of instructional methods or tools to use with students. You can request a post using our Help form and someone will get more information posted to this site.

Finally, to stay up to date with this new site, it’s time to update your bookmarks or subscribe via RSS. One of the first posts we wrote this year was about using RSS within Chrome, so jump over there and get started.

The featured image is a flickr photo by Bernardo Ramonfaur  shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license.