Tech This Out · March 28, 2019

Weekly Update 3/29/2019

The Early Edition

If you don’t remember that show, it was gold. With spring break coming soon, we wanted to make sure we got as many eyes on the update as possible. This week, we wrapped up our posts on videos for the month of March and introduced the April Focus. If you like the megaphone, you’ll love our next Chrome extension.


Our last post on using video in the classroom focused on using Clips as a great way to dip your toes into making movies. Take a look at the post for a short how to and some ideas.

April Focus: Spring-app-alooza

We wrapped up our March series on video in the classroom and we’re rolling out the April Focus this week. We’re calling it Spring-app-alooza and you have a chance to participate for some sweet sticker gear. Take a look at the post for details on how to join.

Coming Soon: Pinpoint

Given the size of the district, we worked on a new custom Chrome extension we’re calling Pinpoint. It will let you click on one of the team to see where they are at any time. Full details are on the app page.

Have a safe and restful spring break. See you all in two weeks!