Updates · March 9, 2021

March Resource Pack

Each month, the Technology Ambassadors work hard to create resources, materials, and other tools to help you with planning, brainstorming, or getting quick tips. To make them easy to find, we’ll publish the collection here on the blog as well as send an email digest.

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Blog Posts

Digital Interactive Notebooks
Digital interactive notebooks are a fun, new way to help keep students engaged and organized digitally.

Sketchnoting in the Classroom
Sketchnoting is the strategy of mashing together the use of visuals along with words to help aid in student comprehension. They serve not only as an alternative to writing traditional notes, but also as a creative learning assignments with outcomes that are more personal and can act as a really great tool to reflect on the learning that is taking place. 

Helpdesk articles

Remember to check out the Helpdesk if you ever need assistance with a “how-to”. This is also where you can submit your tech tickets. To do so, make sure to log in at the top, and select “Submit a ticket”.

Set up Module Requirements in Canvas
Modules are a great way to organize content based on units and help students go through content in a particular order and with certain requirements.

Enable Co-Writer on iPads
Co-Writer is an app available on the iPad for students. It allows for word prediction as students type and will translate students native language automatically to one of its over 25 languages.

YouTube videos

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ECS 2021 Institute Playlist
Use this link for direct access to our ECS YouTube Playlist. These sessions are generally geared towards elementary and middle school teachers.

Standards Based Grading Across Curricula
SBG can look a little different depending on the course. This is a recording of a workshop where different content areas are explored.

Seesaw Updates
This short and sweet video will give you a glimpse of what new features are available in Seesaw.

Students Collaboration in a Virtual Jigsaw
The jigsaw method is a highly effective teaching strategy. Come learn how you may utilize this strategy digitally.

Other Resources

Standards Based Grading Basics
If you’ve heard the term “Standards Based Grading” but aren’t sure what that means, here’s a short set of introductory slides to help you get started.

How to Ease Into Standards Based Grading
You’re already doing things that can be used to check student knowledge of standards. In these companion slides to SBG Basics, we’ve got ideas on how you can add one layer of assessment to your assignments using Rubrics.

The featured photo is by Brett Jordan, retrieved from Unsplash.