Tech This Out · November 9, 2018

Weekly Update – November 9, 2018

We have a tiny update this week, so that’s exciting. Read on for a resurrected project, and an online PD reminder.

Back from the Dead: the Instructional Tech Blog

Once upon a time, we had a blog. And that blog was (kind of) updated. And then we stopped.

Brace yourself. The blog is back.

We’re still making some upates, but the biggest help on the blog is finding old copies of The Twit. They’re all organized by week in an archive and available for reminiscing and remembering how good these updates are.

Digital Instructor Course

Remember, one of the new features of the new PD site is that it now offers signups for online professional development. There is one course available nwo that will help you beef up your Google, Seesaw, Powerschool, and Canvas know-how. If you’re interested in this (totally free and totally voluntary) course, head over to the site to register today.