Updates · August 21, 2020

2020-21 Technology Ambassadors

Welcome back to school! We’re excited to be back and learn with everyone this year. If you’re wondering who to contact for ideas, tips, or tricks in instruction this year, we have the updated Tech Ambassador list below. Each of these teachers is ready to help you brainstorm ways you can engage your students, whether you’re in person or online. We also have some ideas for new PD this year that will help you get up to speed and push your students while working virtually.

Rebecca DoddBeardsley
Sondra FloraBeck
Taryn Diaz De LeonBristol
Tanisha MillerEHS East
Kylie EichorstEHS East
Timothy M MyersCleveland
Chris HarmonDaly
Heidi KrusenklausEACC
Traci PankratzEACC
Billie Jo EtchasonEastwood
Robyn AlmasriElkhart Academy
Nicole MartinezENL (Elementary)
Elizabeth RegulesENL (Secondary)
Stephanie OBrienFeeser
Haley HartleHawthorne
Todd SheelyEHS West
Heather FellowsEHS West
Jessica MorenoMonger
Brandy BohmNorth Side
Emily MorrisNorth Side
Morgan SmithOsolo
Geoff DiPiroPre-K (district)
Kaylie VanGalderPierre Moran
Micah HelmuthPierre Moran
Lindsey TurnerPinewood
Kaitlin PuttRiverview
Tamika JonesRoosevelt
Christina HerrickSped (Elementary)
Deb GillesSped (Secondary)
Heather HallWest Side
Stephanie RappattaWest Side
Morgan JordanWoodland