Tech This Out · March 1, 2019

Weekly Update – 3/1/2019

The 19th Edition

The TWIT has been 18 weeks old for one whole week (don’t we grow up so fast?). Last week’s update was big, so we’re going to swing the other way and give just a couple of notes. Custom groups in Apple Classroom? Yes please. Also, a Canvas Mastery Paths idea and a reminder about online PD options.

Groups in Apple Classroom

Apple Classroom allows you to create flexible groups of students. You can open (or send) specific items to individual groups as well as individuals. This is a great way to manage subsets of students in a number of circumstances. Take a look at this PDF for how to make groups (starting on page 7) alongside other ways Classroom can be used with your students.

Use Canvas Pages in Mastery Paths

Mastery Paths is a great way to differentiate, but we run into issues because assignments are given to individual students. Rachel Titus shared a great method of using Canvas Pages in Mastery Paths that was written up on the blog this week.

Online PD

We’re busy. You’re busy. We have a full-blown course on the PD website that will get you up and running with different digital tools used across the district. You can sign up online and work forward at your own pace if you’re looking for more guided support. (Click on the In Person toggle switch under your profile when you sign in on the left to see the course.)