Content Area / ELA / eLearning · January 22, 2020

Sight Word Independent Practice with the iPad

Meaningful small group instruction time is a precious commodity in our classrooms. We turned sight word practice into an independent activity to reclaim some back. Using Seesaw, you can create activities that allow students to record their sight word practice. This means you are free to move around the room and help targeted students while still being able to go back and listen to every student practice. Here are some time-saving solutions for you!

Provide Examples

We created a digital/auditory sight word book in Book Creator or Keynote that allows students to hear the words they are learning. Each page has sight words with a voice recording of the teacher clearly speaking that word out loud. Students can practice on their own and use the embedded audio if they need help.

A page from a practice book. Students can tap the speaker icon to hear the word spoken by the teacher.

Including Written Practice

If you share the Pages or Keynote file with Apple Classroom, students can annotate each page with the pen tool. This “digital worksheet” benefits students because it is interactive in the moment. Their work is housed in one place with the benefit of the spoken examples at their fingertips.

This is particularly helpful for ENL and special ed students.  You can also use it in upper grades as sight word remediation.

Digital Workbooks

An example of a digital workbook in PDF Viewer.

Writing improvement comes from practice. Printing workbooks for students is time and resource intensive. Using PDF Viewer, we can share entire digital workbooks with our students and those become our work journals. Students can annotate with the built-in drawing tools and they can even embed their own recordings right in the page.

If the Keynote or Pages samples are the practice, these workbooks become the evidence of growth. Students can use each page repeatedly by replacing annotations that need improvement. Fluency reading can be done by recording audio right into the page.

Practicing sight word identification in PDF Viewer.

Beyond reading practice, assigning independent work helps students develop time management and work ethic skills. Students learn to be accountable to complete their work in a timely manner.