What’s all this talk about Clever?

When looking for a new program to use with students, my first question is always “Can they log in with google?” instantly followed by “Can I just give kids a class code?”. The last thing I want to worry about is creating a class, inputting student information, creating usernames and passwords, managing those usernames, and the list goes on.

Well, Clever is the solution to that problem. It not only gives students ONE website to log into, instead of needing to log into different websites all day, but will also automatically create classes, enroll students into those classes, and give students one button to click to access each app or website. 

How do students and teachers access Clever?

Students and teachers alike can access Clever from the student landing page (students.elkhart.k12.in.us) and the staff landing page  (staff.elkhart.k12.in.us). Students and staff also have access to clever with a quick link app on their iPad. 

Once at Clever, sign in by selecting the log in as a student. If you are logging in as a teacher or staff, simply select the down carrot, and select “Teacher or Staff”.

Once selected, it should navigate you to a log in screen that has Elkhart Community School District across the top, and should prompt you to “Log in with Google”.

Log in with your school issued Google email address.

How can Clever make your life easier?

Share and organize resources to students in one place by making a class page.

Your class page is where you can share your apps, resources, and links for easy access for students.  If you need to create a teacher page you simply click the green add button at the bottom of your clever home page. It will instantly create a new page for you and launch that page on your screen.  You can rename your page and add categories to your page to keep your resources organized. To add a category, simply push the green add button at the bottom of your page.  That same add button is where you can also add other resources such as links, PDFs, and apps to your teacher page.  

Tip: When clever says “app”, it doesn’t necessarily mean an app for your iPad. That is simply the word they are using for a program or application students can access. Most of these resources are accessible through safari, and not an actual iPad app. 

For students to access your teacher page, you need to ensure it is shared with students. On your homepage, under your pages, you will see the District Page, a “Just You” page, and your teacher page. Under your teacher page it should say “shared with all your students”. If it does not, and it says “Only visible to you”, alter your settings by hovering over your page, click on the gear, and select edit sharing. From there you can choose to share with all of your students or some of your students. 

Tip: The gear button also gives you options to personalize your page by editing your page color and your page icon. 

Discover new programs to use in your classroom in the Library.

To discover new programs to use in your classroom navigate to the library button at the top of your screen. You can also use the search bar at the top of your page to search for a specific resource and to see if it’s available. As you scroll down, you will be able to filter by grade, category, or other advanced filters. You can also get personalized recommendations for your classroom. 

Tip: Under the advanced filter, you can sort by free, freemium (free with premium features), free trial, or subscription. This keeps tempting paid programs out of your search. 

Roster students into programs with one click.

Once you have found an app or resource you would like to use with your class, you simply install the app by clicking on the resource and pushing install. It will then ask for permission to use your students names and emails to create usernames and passwords that are linked with their Google email. This resource will also be automatically added to your class page for student access.  

Tip: This is MOST useful at the beginning of the school year to save you time with rostering your classroom in the many different programs you may use throughout the day. If you have already rostered your class and used a program, I find it best to simply add a link to your teacher page. 

Would you rather watch a video? Check out our YouTube video below.

How does Clever make your life easier? Let us know in the comments below!