Tips · November 22, 2019

Finding Your Online PD Courses

We have more PD available online than ever before. There are some bite-sized courses you can work through individually as well as some YouTube livestreams that were recorded. We’re starting to use real-time video conferencing with Google Meet for in-person PD regardless of where you are physically. With all of these links, how do you find those places later?

The PD website is the driver for finding your online course links. Here are two ways you can find the link to your online PD.

Method 1: The Welcome Email

After registering for an online course or session, you should receive a confirmation email with the link to your online PD. This could be a link to a Canvas course or a link to join an online meeting. It depends on what you’re doing.

The subject for the welcome email is the same for each course: “Your registration for …”. It always comes from the Elkhart PD email address: If you’re looking for that email, you can go to Gmail and search by sender or subject.

When you find that email, it includes a direct link to that resource. If it’s an online course, you can use it to join the Canvas class at any time and get working. If it is for a video conference, make sure you add it to your Calendar because those happen in real time as if you were driving to a workshop somewhere.

Method 2: The PD Website

Your account on the PD website keeps track of all your registrations. When you register for a course, your workshop list is updated with the details for that course or event. If you’re looking for the online event link, you can go to the PD site and look at your registrations using the Show My Courses link on the left hand side.

Some events have a specific start time and are listed as In Person. These are Google Hangouts you can join from any device and they happen as if you were in the same building as the presenter. These are not recorded, so don’t be late!

Why Online PD?

Getting from one building to another for workshops before or after school can be difficult. Our hope is that having more online offerings will help make PD more accessible to the entire district. You can see all available PD at any time on the PD website.

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The featured photo is by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.