ELA / Math / Student Engagement · February 9, 2024

Enhance Whole-Class Instruction with an IXL Group Jam

If you are looking for how to utilize IXL in whole-group learning, a Group Jam is what you want! Picture the perfect blend of IXL and Kahoot. IXL Group Jam introduces an exhilarating approach for classrooms to collaborate on mastering an IXL skill! In a Group Jam session, every student encounters the same IXL question simultaneously, and you’ll have a chance to review the question together as a class. You can choose the difficulty, or level, of each question. 

Throughout an IXL Group Jam, educators can promptly assess their entire class’s grasp of the subject matter, empowering them to make well-informed choices regarding the most effective next instructional moves.

How to Get Started

To start a Group Jam, sign in to your teacher IXL account and select the skill you’d like to work on as a class. On the skill page, under the “Teacher Tools” section, select “Start Group Jam.” Then, select the students you’d like to include in the Group Jam. 

Who gets it; who doesn’t. 

IXL Group Jam is a great way to easily identify those students who get it, and those who aren’t quite there yet. Below you can see what the reporting looks like as you move through a Jam. You can decide if you want to continue on the same level question, use an easier question, or even jump a level and move on to a harder question. If harder or easier is “greyed out”, then you are either at the top or bottom of the levels. 

If you’ve come to the end of your Tier 1 instruction, this can be an easy way to find those that need specific Tier 2 support in small groups. 

At the end of the jam, you’ll receive a results page. It’s important to note that this page does not save and you cannot find these results after the fact. If you need to keep these scores, you’ll want to screenshot this page.

Take a Peek

Want to see what a Group Jam looks like? Watch the video below!

Learn more about ways you can use IXL Group Jams, or other features, on the IXL Official Blog.